Our product line covers a full range of self-propelled (carrier type) workover rigs with static load ranging from 300 to 2250 kN (67440-505800 lbs), and with installed power ranging from 225 to 1000 HP, which fully cover workover operations for wells ranging from 1000 m to 9000 m, as well as drilling operations for medium to shallow wells.

Our standard rigs feature best in class and popular engines such as Caterpillar C Series and well established transmissions such as Allison, which makes spare parts readily available, as well as having the benefit of parts standardization and interchangeability with other equipment customers and users may have.

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GEM Parts Department keeps on stock major OEM parts to meet our customer’s immediate requirements. We are committed to long-term customer satisfaction through the quality of our service and the products which we offer.

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