GEM offers custom made training programs for customers at manufacturing plants in the USA and China.

    • Operator Training Programs
    • Maintnance Training Programs
    • Safety Management Programs
  GEM also sponsors customers for training programs available and which fulfill the requirements of IADC accreditation programs and are recognized throughout the world. IADC Accreditation Programs have been developed to ensure that the contents of critical training programs adhere to recognized industry standards:     

An accreditation system for well control training providers, requiring demonstrated adherence to an industry-developed core curriculum. Curriculum is available for drilling, workover & completion, coiled tubing, snubbing, wireline operations and underbalanced operations.
WellCAP Plus®
A new approach to facilitated learning focused on experienced personnel utilizing a facilitated learning approach intended to improve critical team decision-making and problem-solving skills.
An accreditation system for oilfield service contractor safety orientation programs.
An accreditation system for underbalanced operations safety orientation programs.
Competence Assurance
Accreditation for a company's Competence Assurance program that meets required quality standards and ensures they have a competent workforce.
Drilling Industry Training
Accreditation system for a company's custom - designed course that focuses on specialized practical knowledge and skills.