Typical Carrier Rig Models
  • 111.55 ft ( 34m ) double section mast, hydraulically raised and telescoped.
  • 12×8 self-propelled chassis.
  • A hydromatic brake is often used, and ¡°Eaton¡± water-cooled disc brake or air tong brake is also available.
  • The rotary system is driven by a two-shaft transfer case via a chain of drawworks, or a three-shaft transfer case via a drive line.
  • 5 forward 5 reverse speeds rotary drives equipped with torque release device.
  • Can be used for shallow well drilling operation if equipped with relevant parts.
  • Rod hanger is available.

    Model XJ650
    Service depth (2-7/8" UE tubing) ft(m) 27887(8500)
    Workover depth (2-7/8"DP) ft(m) 22966(7000)
    (3-1/2"DP) ft(m) 18045(5500)
    Nominal hook load lb(kN) 303480(1350)
    Max Hook load lb(kN) 330456(1470)
    Rated Engine Power bhp 600 / 700
    Max lifting speed of hook ft/s(m/s) 4.30(1.31)
    Overall dimensions in traveling condition ft(m) 66.04×10.99×14.44(20.13×3.35×4.4)
    Weight lb(kg) 121254(55000)